M.A. in Leadership – Christian Education

a joint program of Gordon College (Boston, USA) and Andrew Jumper


Deadline: March 30, 2020.


24 months including 6 months allotted for monograph.


2 modules in São Paulo
4 modules online
2 final modules at Gordon (Boston, USA)


A bilingual program (Portuguese and English)

This course presents proven leadership practices in the field of Christian school education

For whom?

Designed for school administrators (directors, principals, coordinators), teachers, aspiring leaders, and also pastors interested in improving the educational areas of the local churches.

About the course

This course presents proven leadership practices in the field of Christian school education. It grounds the teaching on a solid biblical world and life view, fostering examination of current educational theories, pointing to the best approach that will strengthen personnel, schools and, also, educational efforts of local churches.



    • A valid diploma of an approved higher learning institution in the areas of pedagogy, school administration, psychology, theology and other areas.
    • A reading knowledge of English, evaluated by CPAJ, which should progress throughout the course, culminating with the possibility of full interaction with English speaking teachers, before graduation.
    • A Letter of Intention written in English, containing a short biography and a word of testimony, stating his/her interest in Christian School Education Leadership, and eventual experience in this field.
    • A letter of recommendation from a Church Leader or from a superior officer in the educational institution where the prospective student works, if this be the case.


    • Tuition, International part: US$10,475.00, paid as follows: (1) US$700.00, 15 days after acceptance and enrollment, and (2) 23 equal payments of US$425.00. These amounts are to be sent directly to Gordon through Money Order, Credit Card, or other valid mean of international remittance of money. The first payment must be made after submission of all required documents, and respective CPAJ approval. Proof of payment should also be sent to CPAJ as soon as possible, for continuity of the process.
    • Travel to the USA, for the final modules (June/July of any given year): Travel costs are not included in the tuition payments and are the responsibility of the student. Air tickets should be secured well in advance the scheduled time to be at Gordon, and full flight information sent to Jumper 30 days before the travel dates. Proper documentation and required Passport are also to be made by the student.

Lodging and meals at Gordon. Gordon will provide lodging in single rooms and most meals at no additional cost, for the scheduled two-week period.


Cost: R$4.500,00 during the 24-month period. 

    • Tuition for each of the two modules taught in São Paulo: the student will pay R$1.500,00 due in the previous week of classes (total of R$3.000,00 for the two modules). This covers classes, facilities and lodging (triple accommodation in a nearby hotel).
    • Tuition for online courses: for the two online courses the student will pay R$750,00 due in the previous week of classes (total of R$1500,00 for the two modules).
    • Practicum: orientation fee – R$1.500,00 (covering 6 months).
    • Other costs: Travel costs to and from São Paulo, and meals, are the individual responsibility of each student.

Form of payment: Amount in Reais (Brazilian Currency) will be invoiced and shall be payable to CPAJ/Mackenzie.


Inquiries from January 01, 2020 onward. Application to the program from January 15 to March 30, 2020. Classes are limited in size and enrollment will be processed in chronological order, upon receiving proof of the first payment.

Further Information